The Courtyard


The Courtyard

The courtyard should be a place of relaxation for you and your neighbors , while also serving as an excellent playground for children.

Here are some specific guidelines to maintain a pleasant and safe environment in the courtyard:

1. Car-Free Courtyards

Car traffic is not allowed in the courtyard. Exceptions are made for ambulances, fire brigades, police, and other emergency vehicles that have the right to enter the courtyard. The staff for hazardous goods transport (ADR) and contractor's service vehicles may also need to enter when necessary. Some of our courtyards are equipped with a locked gate for extra security.

2. Pets

Since many children are allergic, it is especially important to keep cats and dogs away from playgrounds and sandboxes. Ensure that your pet does not contaminate the area. A dog that barks frequently can disturb neighbors, so it's essential to keep the dog calm. Cats and dogs should always be leashed. For additional rules regarding pets, refer to the local regulations applicable to the municipality.

3. Grill Areas

In several of our areas, there are grill spots on and around the courtyards. If you're unsure where you can grill, I recommend contacting someone from your property management team. However, it is not allowed to place personal grills on tables, benches, or similar surfaces in the area. This rule also applies to forest and open spaces.