Company History

ADR Fastigheter is a family-owned company that owns, manages, and develops properties across Sweden. The company was founded in 2001 with the ambition of creating a lasting asset for the family. Through strong entrepreneurship and a constant drive to continue evolving, the company has grown to have an attractive portfolio of projects, including approximately 1700 residential properties throughout Sweden. Our business model encompasses property acquisition, management, development, and sales in attractive locations nationwide. We have a long-term strategy to be active in property management, new construction, and transformation. Our new financial goals, established on January 1, 2023, aim for the property value to exceed 10 billion Swedish kronor within a five-year period.

Our Journey


ADR Fastigheter, then known as KTI Fastigheter, purchased its first industrial property and continued acquiring properties throughout the 2000s.


Additional property acquisitions took place, and KTI Fastigheter began larger renovations and remodeling projects. Several successful initiatives expanded our operations further.


A clear need for business-friendly hotel rooms in Stockholm, suitable for corporate clients requiring extended stays, led KTI to launch the hotel business Hoom Home & Hotel in The hotel chain now has multiple well-occupied facilities and a stable customer base with framework agreements.


KTI Fastigheter transferred its portfolio of rental apartments and commercial properties to its own group, ADR Holding AB, and established the brand ADR Fastigheter. Today, ADR Fastigheter owns residential properties, commercial properties, and community properties such as schools and care facilities.