Business Area

ADR Fastigheter aims to create long-term value for its owners and investors by acquiring and managing properties that generate stable and increasing returns. Beyond the financial aspect, the company also focuses on social and ecological sustainability.

Board of Directors’ Responsibility

As a privately-owned company, ADR Fastigheter’s board bears the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the company operates in a sustainable, responsible, and efficient manner. The board is responsible for implementing systems to monitor and control the company’s operations and associated risks. Additionally, the board ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations, emphasizing transparent and accurate communication. As part of this effort, ADR Fastigheter has implemented a whistleblower policy.

CEO and Management Group’s Responsibility

The CEO and the company’s management group are accountable for the company’s development, operations, and day-to-day activities within the framework of the goals and visions set by the board.

Our Financial Goals

  • Loan-to-Value Ratio: Below 40%
  • Solvency: Over 35%
  • Revenue from Residential Properties: More than 70%
  • Number of Residential Units by the End of 2023: 1700

Our Approach

ADR Fastigheter strives to be a swift, stable, and reliable partner in business transactions. Our growth objectives primarily focus on expanding through the acquisition of additional residential and community properties. We seek properties with development potential, enabling enhancement and energy optimization to promote sustainable growth in our property portfolio.