Move-out cleaning


Move-out cleaning

When you move, it's essential that the apartment is thoroughly cleaned. A comprehensive move-out cleaning, including window washing, is necessary.

Be meticulous during your cleaning process – the next tenant should be able to move in without needing to clean. It's easy to overlook small corners where crumbs and dust tend to accumulate. Areas that require extra attention are the kitchen and bathroom.

If you have storage spaces outside the apartment, make sure to empty and clean those as well. Don't forget any bicycles or strollers in nearby bike and stroller rooms.

In the button below, you'll find a checklist with useful cleaning tips to follow.

Checklist for move-out cleaning

Possible Additional Charges

Unfortunately, if the apartment isn't adequately cleaned when you leave, we'll have to charge you afterward.

Here's the price list for apartments of different sizes:
- Studio apartment: SEK 3000 for move-out cleaning.
- One-bedroom apartment: SEK 5000 for move-out cleaning.
- Two-bedroom apartment: SEK 7000 for move-out cleaning.
- Three-bedroom apartment: SEK 8000 for move-out cleaning.
- Four-bedroom apartment: SEK 9000 for move-out cleaning.
- Five-bedroom apartment: SEK 10,000 for move-out cleaning.
- Six-bedroom apartment: SEK 11,000 for move-out cleaning.

Note: If you're swapping apartments with someone else, this pricing doesn't apply. In that case, all parties involved need to come to their own agreement.

Disposing of Bulky Items

When you move out, you'll likely have items you want to get rid of, such as furniture, boxes, small items, books, clothes, and lamps. You're responsible for handling these items properly. Advertising online or donating to second-hand stores is a great way to let someone else benefit from these items or even make some extra money yourself.

For items that can't be reused, take them to the nearest recycling station.

Remember that it's not allowed to leave unwanted items in common areas such as stairwells, basements, attics, elevators, or garages. Proper disposal is essential to maintain a clean and orderly environment for everyone.