Emergency hotline


Emergency Services for Urgent Issues

If you encounter an urgent issue outside of office hours, such as during the weekend, you can contact the emergency services. Here's what you need to know:
Emergency Number: +46(0)10 167 60 00

Important Information:
The emergency services are intended for critical matters, such as severe blockages in drains or water leaks. However, if your issue is not urgent – for example, a malfunctioning stove, a broken refrigerator light, or slow drainage – you will need to cover the cost of the emergency response yourself.

When contacting the emergency services, please provide your name, address, and telephone number, along with a description of the incident.

What Constitutes an Urgent Issue?

Determining what qualifies as an urgent issue can be challenging. Below, you'll find a guideline to help you identify such situations:


If water is flowing uncontrollably. If there's a water shut-off or minor leakage, it can be addressed during regular daytime hours.


If there's a toilet blockage, and no other toilets are available in the apartment. If flushing is impossible, try pouring a bucket of water into the toilet. If the water level rises on its own, contact the emergency services.

Electrical Issues:

If the power goes out in common areas (e.g., stairwells). If the power goes out in your apartment, first check the fuses and ensure your electricity bill is paid..

Apartment Door:

In case of a break-in, call the police first, and then contact the emergency services. If your door cannot be locked or closed, call the emergency services. For other door-related issues, consult a locksmith at your own expense.

Broken Glass:

If there's a risk of personal injury due to broken glass.

Trash Chute:

If there's a blockage. Non-urgent cases will be addressed on the next business day.


If at least one burner is functional, non-urgent repairs will wait until regular hours. For a completely broken stove, contact the emergency services during the day.

Refrigerator & Freezer:

Non-urgent repairs will be handled during normal working hours.

Laundry Room:

Clothes stuck in or jammed inside washing machines will be removed during the day. Machine repairs occur during regular hours.


Non-urgent ventilation issues will be addressed during normal working hours. Urgent cases will be handled immediately unless the next day is a business day.