Sustainable development and refinement

At ADR Fastigheter, sustainability means striving to create long-term value for our owners and investors through wise investments. We achieve this by acquiring and managing properties that consistently deliver strong financial results, house reputable tenants, and offer stable returns.

Our strategy is to invest in properties with the potential to generate stable and sustainable returns over time. We focus on properties with strong tenants, which helps ensure a stable income stream and minimizes the risk of vacancies. Additionally, we aim to acquire properties in attractive locations, contributing to increasing the value of the properties over time.

By following this strategy, we can ensure that we create long-term value for our owners and investors while contributing to the sustainable development of the communities where we operate. We believe that a strong focus on sustainability and refinement benefits not only our business but also our tenants, investors, and society at large.

Sustainable Business

ADR Properties strives to conduct a sustainable and value-creating business with a long-term perspective. Our responsibility encompasses economic, ecological, and social sustainability. As a real estate company with a long-term ownership perspective, we have both the opportunity and incentive to engage in sustainability issues. We take responsibility for our impact on people and the environment, aiming to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our operations, including transportation, supplier selection, energy usage, material choices, waste management, and employee work environment. By making sustainability a fundamental part of our business, we can create long-term value for all stakeholders, including customers, owners, employees, and society at large. ADR Properties manages residential, commercial, and community properties with a focus on long-term ownership. In our operations, we prioritize digital and sustainable solutions, benefiting our tenants, society, the environment, and the company’s long-term development.

Material consumption and energy usage together constitute the largest environmental burden within the real estate industry. By optimizing our energy usage, we can reduce our carbon footprint and thereby mitigate our climate impact. When developing existing properties, such as adapting spaces and homes for new clients, we take a sustainable approach. Our entire value chain, from property and housing management to energy efficiency in our premises and residences, is characterized by comprehensive and consistent sustainability efforts. Well-executed sustainability work strengthens our position in the real estate industry and is a significant success factor for ADR. ADR’s sustainability strategy is based on a holistic view and aims for economic, ecological, and social value creation.

Economic Sustainability

By efficiently utilizing ADR’s resources and developing a successful business model, we create value for the company’s stakeholders. Without a profitable, economically sustainable operation that optimally manages all resources, a company cannot thrive. ADR’s overarching goal is to generate good returns, growth, and value in a long-term sustainable manner. Long-term and robust profitability is essential for investing in sustainability initiatives. In turn, this contributes to the company’s overall financial health and value creation. Operating an economically sustainable business also enhances relationships with our suppliers, tenants, and other stakeholders. Furthermore, maintaining a strong financial position is crucial for attracting and retaining competent employees who want to contribute to sustainable development. ADR has experienced solid growth in recent years and maintained stable profitability.

Ecological Sustainability

ADR aims to contribute to long-term sustainable development by managing residential properties and premises with minimal climate impact. Our goal is to offer energy- and resource-efficient solutions that are environmentally adapted. We strive to integrate modern technology throughout our value chain, from property management to upgrading existing assets, and implement energy-saving measures. Protecting all ecosystems and allowing them to recover is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we closely monitor energy usage in all our properties and continuously work towards reducing it. Water consumption and waste management are central issues within ecological sustainability.

We continuously work to reduce water consumption through various initiatives and improve recycling and waste management to maximize energy recovery. Our objective is to minimize car transportation during waste collection, contributing to reduced carbon dioxide emissions. As hybrid and electric vehicles become more prevalent in society, we collaborate with a supplier to install charging stations where demand exists.

Social Sustainability

ADR strives to contribute to positive development and, consequently, social sustainability in the communities where we operate. We provide secure housing and premises, collaborating with tenants, municipalities, authorities, and other stakeholders in our development efforts. By owning and managing properties that more people can afford to live in or operate their businesses from, we address a clear societal need and contribute to increased diversity. We view our employees as a key factor in our sustainability work and crucial to ADR’s continued success. We aim to be an attractive employer, offering a welcoming, inclusive, and positive work environment with a focus on diversity. In all aspects of our operations, we carefully select suppliers when purchasing services and materials. Our goal is to act professionally and ethically in our interactions with suppliers and contractors.

Sustainability Goals

ADR’s operations are guided by sustainability. As property owners, we take responsibility with a long-term perspective in everything we do. This means developing and managing our properties sustainably and responsibly, considering social, ecological, and economic aspects. We continuously work to further strengthen ADR’s sustainability efforts. For us, sustainability is a crucial issue that we consider throughout our value chain. In this way, we fulfill our responsibility as property owners and contribute to a more sustainable world.